Make Your Home Sparkle With a Stunning Mirror Set

Why stop with one mirror when you can add a stunning mirror set to your space? If you're looking for interior decor that adds sparkle, shine, and plenty of bright light to any room in your home, feast your eyes on these gorgeous mirror sets.

Ideal for the entryway, the living room, the dining room, or even the bedroom, these mirrors are sure to dazzle wherever you install them. With a full range of styles, sizes, and price points, JCPenney has just the mirror set your home needs.

Amplify Your Reflection

Whether you're just looking for a little extra sparkle or you really want to amplify the light in your space, you'll find the ideal mirror set for your home. Add a touch of extra light with double mirror sets, or generate even more sparkle and shine with triple mirror sets.

If you really want to get creative with these gorgeous reflective pieces, don't stop there. Choose a five-piece mirror set for a larger area, or pick up a seven-piece set that's sure to inspire bright ideas. Of course, you can also reach for the stars with a nine-piece diamond-shaped mirror set that's designed to make your space glitter and gleam.

Go for Geometric or Opt for Opulent

The beauty of mirror sets is that they're available in a wide range of styles and designs. That means you can shop for a set that reflects your current decor or browse for a multi-mirror piece that adds a whole new feel to your space. With mirror sets that fit all kinds of decor budgets, you're sure to find just what you're looking for.

Envisioning a geometric set with clean lines and a contemporary feel? Browse rectangular mirrors with brushed nickel-style frames that add a cool feel to your space. Or take your love of clean shapes to the next level with a nine-piece diamond-shaped set that showcases beautifully beveled glass. If you prefer circular mirrors, add a little extra visual appeal with a three-piece set that boasts a mix of sizes and frames with added depth.

Prefer mirrors that reflect a sense of opulence and decadence? Take a closer look at two-piece mirror sets with beautiful metallic designs and intricately styled frames. Or opt for three-piece sets that are sure to catch your eye with stunning frames and ample sparkle and shine.

Ready to find the perfect mirror set for your home? Shop top brands like Sorbolo, Alcona, Saragano, and Daws in the extensive selection at JCPenney. Pick up your find in your local store or have it delivered right to your front door.

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