Get Creative and Colorful With Wall Tapestries

Are you looking for a stunning and gorgeous art piece to spruce up your den, office, bedroom, or living room without the typical framed prints? Consider a beautiful tapestry to adorn your wall. These gorgeous prints cover everything from abstract modern designs to classic landscapes and beautiful still-life prints. The JCPenney tapestry collection is here to fill just about every decorative need you could have.

Not Just for Wall Accents Anymore

Tapestries are some of the most classic and traditional forms of wall art in existence. They're woven on looms and use natural threads like cotton. They are most commonly used to decorate the home and office, with wall hangings being the most common use. However, they're also great for a number of other uses.

The beautiful tapestries in the JCPenney collection have a plethora of applications. Use them as beach wraps, bed or couch throws, curtain replacements, table coverings, and more. Some people even use them to hang on the ceiling to create a 3-D texture and ambiance in a room. Hang them on more than one wall in your room to create depth. They can form the centerpiece of a room's design, the focal point around which the rest of the décor is built, and they can form a striking headboard replacement to complement a bedspread.

Exciting or Meditative

Tapestries can create a range of moods to suit any room. From exciting to serene, colorful to meditative, and even classic to historic, there are tapestries for every occasion. JCPenney has wall tapestries in every size, style, and theme, so no matter what your aesthetic tastes or requirements might be, there's a tapestry that can cover the job.


From shag rug-style hangings to colorful tapestries, every style and budget is covered. Our complete collection of tapestries come in many price points, so even if you're on a budget, you can find the perfect wall hanging, throw, or texture to complete your room décor. Our collection has abstract seasonal designs for spring, fall, summer, and winter as well as bits of wisdom that remind you to find joy and beauty in everything.


Complete Your Design With a JCPenney Wall Tapestry

Whether your wall tapestry is a classic wall hanging, a tablecloth, a ceiling accent, a throw blanket, or a beach wrap or shawl, it can be the perfect complement to your personal sense of chic, style, and taste.

When you're decorating a room or giving a new facelift to an existing space, you can't go wrong with a beautifully-rendered woven tapestry. Check out the full line of JCPenney weaves and pick the perfect solution to add distinction and class to your home design scheme today!

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