Add Something Extra to Your Home with Wall Shelves

When you walk into your home, it's nice to see photos, mementos, and other meaningful items on the walls. Wall décor helps turn a house into a home, making it feel more inviting and appealing. You can also show off your latest family photos from a recent vacation or display items that hold special meaning to your family. With stylish wall shelves from JCPenney, you can show off anything that matters to you in your home.

Adding Shelves for Display

Without the proper means to place these items on the walls, it's tough to put them on display. You can hang photo frames, but as you increase the number of pictures on the wall, you'll also increase the number of holes. If you move in the future, you'll have to patch those holes before you leave. When you hang wall shelves, you don't have to worry about filling in any holes, since you'll likely leave them up when you move. Wall shelves add more value to the space since they offer more display areas.

Various Styles and Sizes

When you shop for wall shelves at JCPenney, you're not limited to a simple, single-color shelf. Instead, you can shop from the various styles to find wall shelves that fit with your home's overall look and feel. If you love the traditional look, check out the weathered and distressed wall shelf options. Floating shelves deliver a modern appearance, while a cubby-style wall shelf has a back to prevent loose items from falling off the edge. For your mud room or entryway, check out the wall shelves with built-in hooks for coat and bag storage.

Shelves from JCPenney also come in a variety of sizes, making it easy to find an option that fits in any room of your home. When your bathroom countertop feels cramped, add a small wall shelf and place your toothbrush and cup up there to free up some space. You can also pick up shelf sets at JCPenney to add depth to your walls in various areas of the home.

Surprising Benefits of Wall Shelves

The obvious benefit of a wall shelf is the space to store and display items, but there are some surprising benefits. If you have cats at home, they'll love walking around on the higher areas and getting off the ground. When you put wall shelves in your kitchen, you can stack your dinner plates up there to free up valuable cupboard space while adding a splash of color.

Find the perfect wall shelf or set of shelves at JCPenney and start showing off your favorite items and photographs. You'll love the selection of high-quality shelves that are easy to install.

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