Outfit Your Bathroom with Quality Bath Towels and Towel Sets

When shopping for bath towels, you don't have to decide between price and quality. Patterns, solids, fabric choices, and size choices are all available when you shop at JCPenney for your towels. If you need just a few, shop for individual towels. Want to get everything done quickly? Bath towel sets are the name of the game. Discover the perfect guest towels, or a new set of towels to match your new bathroom design. You could go for a microfiber towel for that sift touch or a fluffy cotton bath towel for quick abortion. Bath towels are an often-overlooked aspect of bathroom decorating. Most people go for neutral colors like beige and white. One easy way to give your bathroom accent colors is to get creative with your bath towels. The towel collections at JCPenney are full of color options. We have muted versions of all colors of the rainbow, like olive green and navy blue. We also have bright colors like cerulean and magenta. Plus, nobody says you have to have a matching set, so mix and match those colors!

Types of Bath Towels: From Cotton to Oversized

How does a bath towel designed to dry quickly sound to you? What about a delightfully soft cotton bath towels? Maybe you've never thought about how many options bath towels present. The selection at JCPenney is about to open up a whole new world of towel options. Think about the features you wish your bath towels had. Are you craving oversized, fluffy bath sheets you can get lost in? Do you want something extremely soft, or very absorbent? We've got it, and all you have to do is browse to find it!

Browse the selection of bath towels and pair it with a bright shower curtain at your local JCPenney, or hop online and shop without leaving the house. Filter through our array of towel options until you find the fabric, size, and color choices you've been craving. Don't be afraid to explore a few towels that seem too bold, or too big. You might discover a new towel love you never knew you were missing. See what JCPenney has to offer in our huge bath towel and hand towels.

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