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Design a Comfortable Bathroom With Stylish Toilet Seats and Accessories

Toilet accessories help you put together a stylish bathroom that you'll enjoy spending time in. Whether you replace the old toilet seat with a new design or use soft rugs to add comfort to the hard floor, it's quick and easy to spruce up your bathroom.

Specially Designed Toilet Seats

For starters, there are plenty of special designs for the seat. It's easy to replace the simple seat that came with your toilet with something different. You can choose a round or elongated toilet seat that offers extra cushioning for more comfort. These seats come in your typical colors like white and black, but there are also unique colors like pink, blue, green, and cream to match nearly every toilet.

Another option is replacing your regular toilet seat with a toilet seat bidet. You can find bidets with high-tech features like a remote control that lets you adjust the direction of the water spray, water pressure, water temperature, and seat temperature.

Toilet Accessories for Every Bathroom

Toilet accessories are a great way to give your bathroom some extra style. Bathroom rugs offer you a soft place to rest your feet and come in a variety of colors that match your bathroom. There are contour rugs that fit around the base of a toilet, covers for the toilet seat lid, and rugs that are different lengths to fit in front of your sink, tub, or shower. These rugs are very plush, and the bold colors won't fade after you wash them. They also have skid-resistant latex on the bottom to stay in place on your bathroom floor.

You can also switch out your toilet brush holder and toilet paper holder for something more modern. Stainless and brushed nickel are both contemporary finishes for bathrooms. Change the plastic toilet brush holder for a sleek metal one. It's also very simple to swap out a toilet paper holder. You can replace the one mounted on your wall, or you can go for a sleek toilet paper stand that offers a convenient and easily acceptable design.

When you shop at JCPenney, you'll find comfortable toilet seats and stylish toilet accessories that add a touch of flair to any bathroom.

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