Orange Throw Pillows

Browse the JCPenney collection of throw pillows from the orange color palette. Find beautiful warm hues to decorate your room and create a welcoming atmosphere. Choose square throw pillows or rectangular styles in solid colors or with geometric or floral prints. With so many styles of orange throws to choose from you will want to get them all! Look for orange throw pillows in the JCPenney collection of home décor!

Throw Pillow Covers

Choose throw pillow covers from JCPenney and instantly change up the look of your décor. A set of orange throw pillow covers can make over your living space with a seasonal theme or just a face-life and change of color scheme. Look for Thanksgiving themed pillow covers or select a square pillow cover with a floral, chevron, paisley, or geometric print. Orange throw pillow covers from JCPenney can refresh a room in minutes! You can be sure to find what you are looking for in the JCPenney home décor collection.

Square Throw Pillows

Orange is a bold style choice. Shop the JCPenney home décor collection to find square throw pillows in a variety of rich russet hues. Find embroidered or beaded styles with floral patterns or choose a brighter shade of orange with a geometric shape. Reflect the color scheme you love with square throw pillows in orange from the JCPenney selection of throw pillows.

Rectangle Throw Pillows

Step outside the square box and choose a rectangular throw pillow to match your color palette. Find rectangular throw pillows in orange to dress up your bed or sofa and liven up the colors in your room. Display a collection of orange square and rectangle throw pillows to create a beautiful room just the way you like it. Browse JCPenney to find orange throw pillows you will love to have in your home.

Floral Pillows

Nothing makes a room comfortable like a floral pattern. Check out the JCPenney collection of floral throw pillows in square or rectangle. Look for florals in subdued shades or choose a bolder shade of color. JCPenney has a floral throw pillow to suit your orange décor, and make you room look warm and inviting!

Solid Pillows

Shop the JCPenney collection for solid color throw pillows in different shades of orange. Choose from bright colors and subdued shades to suit your tastes and décor. Pick a rusty color for an accent pillow or select a bold orange shade to be a focal point in the room. Dress up your décor with an orange throw pillow from the JCPenney selection.