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The Best Bedding Essentials at JCPenney

At JCPenney, we know it's essential to get a good night's sleep. Otherwise, you'll walk around feeling groggy and out of sorts the next day. JCPenney offers a vast array of bedding sets to help provide the rest you need to perform your very best. You can find bed-in-a-bag sets that come with everything you want for the bed. We also offer sheet sets and comforter sets if that's all you need.

As you peruse our bedding section, you'll discover comforters, pillows, bedding sheets, and more so you can choose what works best for you. From basic to luxury bedding, JCPenney is designed to bring you the best night's sleep possible for a price you can afford.

Individual Bedding Items to Add Some Flair

You may be starting from scratch to decorate your bedroom, or you might only need specific bedding items to add to what you already have. JCPenney offers individual pieces, such as pillowcases, mattress pads, blankets, and more so you can decorate to your heart's content. You'll also discover some accent pillows that can take the look of the bedroom from ho-hum to fabulous.

For those who have specific requirements for sleep comfort, we have a nice selection of items that will help. Are you looking for electric blankets, heated mattress pads, memory foam toppers, or flannel sheets? We have those, as well as a variety of other bedding pieces to make your life even better.

We also have a wide selection of pillows. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, we have pillows designed specifically for your needs. You'll find pillows filled with down, feathers, memory foam, and other materials, so you can select what is most comfortable for you.

JCPenney Bedding for the Whole Family

We know that everyone has their own unique styles and tastes, and we want to make sure you have what makes you happy. JCPenney offers a wide range of bedding essentials for all sizes of beds, including twin beds, full-size beds, queen bedding sets, king-size beds, and California king beds. Do you have thick mattresses or mattress pads? Choose fitted sheets with deep pockets. We even offer toddler and baby bed essentials, so you can do all your shopping in one location. All of the bedding essentials from JCPenney give you the quality you deserve for a price you can afford. Shop now and save more right here at JCPenney!

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