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If you're waking up stiff in the mornings with neck, back, or shoulder pain, you're a possible victim of a sub-standard bed. One of the easiest remedies to this is a memory foam mattress topper or pad. Beds topped with these simple covers eliminate pressure points you experience during sleep, reducing the amount of undue stress on joints in your body. By investing in a memory foam mattress topper and pad, you'll convert your hard, uncomfortable basic bedding to a luxurious pillowtop that cradles you as you sleep — without spending thousands on a new mattress. Find yours at JCPenney from top brands like SensorPEDIC, Lucid, and Sealy.

Choosing a Memory Foam Mattress Topper and Pad

Getting your best night's sleep depends greatly on the type of memory foam you choose. Traditional memory foam will shape to your body, helping to eliminate pressure points and boost circulation throughout the night. Gel memory foam reduces pressure and is an excellent option for people with sore muscles and chronic pain. Air-cooled memory foam wicks away your body heat, helping regulate your body's temperature during the night. Most memory foam mattress pads and toppers are 2 to 3 inches thick, while some are up to 5 inches thick. When you choose a thicker topper with a higher density, you'll enjoy a more luxurious mattress and better rest. Pair it with memory foam pillows and take the first step toward more restful sleep.

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