Accent Your Interior Windows

Choosing the right window treatment is a fun, if sometimes overwhelming, process. You want to block or filter the sun with window dressings that fit the rest of your interior decor. When curtains and blinds aren't doing the trick, it's time to think about interior shutters. Interior shutters look great from inside and out, because instead of seeing the back of a closed curtain, people looking at your home see the pattern of shutters through the windows.

Shutters Give Your Rooms a Unique Look

An interior shutter is a window treatment you don't encounter very often, which makes them a great choice if you want your decorating to stand out. Imagine how elegant your bedroom or your office will look with shutters instead of drapes or shades on the windows. Interior shutters lend a clean, minimalistic look to a room, with the slat pattern being a design element in itself.

Try using interior shutters in a room that's decorated in a traditional style. Shutters complements armchairs with wooden legs, end tables featuring Tiffany lamps, or a restored wooden armoire. Try them in a bathroom with a claw-footed tub or in a bedroom with an old brass bed frame.

Modern rooms look chic and understated when you add interior shutters, because you can focus on a single accent piece or color without your window dressings getting in the way.

Shutters Work When Space Is Limited

Interior shutters are perfect for small windows. Often, curtains dwarf small windows and draw attention to just how small they are. Wide windows that aren't very tall sometimes look two a little silly wearing curtains. Blinds are fine for filtering the sun, but they don't offer much in the way of style.

For rooms with little wall space, interior shutters are perfect because they add style to your windows without taking up any additional space. It's standard for curtains to hang several inches above each window and extend several inches to each side. You don't always have room for that. In small rooms, lavish, over-the-top window dressings are overwhelming. Shutters that fit perfectly into your windows are the best solution.

The next time you're going shopping for window treatments, discover the world of interior shutters at JC Penney online.

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