Embrace the Beauty of Wood Blinds

Say no to ordinary! Wood blinds are a popular choice because they lend a softer feel to a room than many other types of window coverings. They look natural and organic, and their sturdiness equips them to last for decades. Wood blinds come in different neutral tones. For a rich look, choose a dark finish; something black or dark brown will provide a lovely contrast to the light color of your walls. If you're going for a beachy or breezy appearance, choose white wood blinds or another light color. Add layers of interest when you complement your wood blinds with beautiful sheer curtains. The curtains can add a pop of brilliant color and give you a secondary window covering for those days when you want to let lots of light in but you don't want all your neighbors to see what you're doing. Wood blinds are a fantastic option for bedrooms, living rooms, and pretty much any other room in your home.

Enjoy Ultimate Privacy

Sometimes, you just want to shut out the world. With other types of blinds, onlookers might be able to see shapes or outlines even when the blinds are shut tight. Wood blinds are absolutely opaque, which means that even if you live on a busy street, you won't have to worry about nosy passersby seeing anything you don't want them to see.

Easy Functionality and Cleaning

Because wood blinds are so sturdy, you'll have fewer worries about them getting ruined by over-enthusiastic pets or children. They're easy to operate, too, so you won't have the frustration of endlessly struggling with an old or dysfunctional cord. Wood blinds often have wide slats; you can easily slip your duster or cleaning cloth between them to wipe away any dust that accumulates. They won't lose their beautiful color over time, either, as they weather the decades with you and your home. Shop for wood blinds at JCPenney. You'll find a lovely selection of wood blinds that are waiting to make your home that much more amazing. Simply measure your windows, communicate the measurements to us, and wait for your beautiful new blinds to arrive. You'll love the way they look, the privacy they give you, and their great functionality.

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