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Decorate your windows with the collection of blackout curtains at JCPenney. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, finding calmness is key. We have curated a collection of blackout curtains to effectively redefine your space. These are a perfect blend of style and functionality. Window treatments are key to enhancing your environment by blocking out the glaring sunlight and reducing disruptive noises. Choose from an array of curtains for your bedroom, living room, or even your home office to make a significant difference in the overall ambiance. Opting for grommet blackout curtains for your bedroom will allow the joy of peaceful sleep. Elevate your room with the aesthetic appeal of the Max Blackout mystique-embroidered curtains and transform your room.

100% Blackout at Its Best

Experience complete solitude and privacy with the back-tab, pinch pleat, grommet blackout curtains and more to filter out any interferences or distractions from the outside world. The woven texture and easy-to-hang grommet top allow it to effortlessly fit into any room. Explore the beautiful prints that are versatile and seamlessly combine with your décor. Experience the transformative power of these light-filtering curtains that are sure to provide you with an inviting atmosphere all year-round. While you’re at it, check out the collection of white blackout curtains, which are aesthetic and fit in seamlessly in most décor styles. Shop online and save more with JCPenney.

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