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Curtain Rod Brackets

Get the details of home design right. Check out the selection of curtain rod brackets at JCPenney for function and form that looks great around your windows.

Design is in the details, and homeowners with an eye for interior aesthetics know that little things can make a big difference. If you're giving your windows a new look or a bit of an upgrade with new drapes or curtains, don't forget to start with the basics. The right curtain rod brackets can ensure your window dressings stay in place and hang correctly. Plus, they offer a change by adding little details that can really make your space.

Choose basic curtain hardware in black or a range of metallic tones, if you're looking for something that does its job without standing out against your sheer curtains. For a bit of added elegance, choose a scrolled curtain rod holder, or opt for hardware that drops down from the ceiling for drapes that seem to float in your space.

Adjustable curtain rod brackets can be a great investment because they allow you to easily change the look of your windows from season to season. And if you move — or just want to move your curtain hardware — it's easy to fit them to a new space.

For formal settings, such as the dining room, or any space where you want added elegance, choose from curtain rod brackets with embellishments. Or, opt for a sturdy wood bracket that matches the tone of your wall and cups a large, stately curtain rod for easy placement of new drapes. Whatever your goal for window decor, the selection of hardware at JCPenney helps you get started.

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