Double Curtain Rod Sets Add Convenience and Style

A double curtain rod allows you to hang two sets of curtains and work them independently of each other. When you hang an interior and exterior set of curtains on the same rod, you're limited. You have to move one to move the other, which defeats the purpose of having a curtain lining. Double rods let you control the amount of light and the amount of window coverage you've got in any room, without relying on blinds.

The Anatomy of Double Curtain Rods

When you hang a double curtain rod, you install one set of hooks on your wall. These hooks support two curtain rod bars, one of which will extend past your curtains and display decorative end designs. The interior rod hides behind the exterior set of curtains and has a simple end, which prevents it from slipping sideways and falling out of your rod hooks.

Installing a double curtain rod takes the same amount of effort as installing a single curtain rod. This is because you only have to attach one set of rod hooks to your walls. The only difference is that you have to balance two bars, not one. That will only take you a few extra minutes to do throughout a room, and it will allow you curtain versatility you didn't have before.

Where to Use Double Curtain Rods

You can put up double curtain rods anywhere in the house you plan to have two sets of curtains. People choose them for windows where they do not want to use blinds. That allows you to put up a set of blackout curtains closer to the window, as well as a set of decorative curtains on the outside. Close one or both, depending on the look you want to achieve and the amount of light you want to let into the room.

To create a patterned look with two sets of curtains, double curtain rods are a must. Put a patterned, heavier curtain closer to the window; then hang sheer curtains on the outside. Typically, the sheer option goes on the inside, so this is a cool twist on the traditional theme.

You can also hang dark, monochromatic curtains on the interior rod; then use the exterior rod to hang light, patterned sheer curtains. The light color of the sheer curtains helps to balance the darkness of your heavy curtains. This way, you can use colors such as burgundy and navy blue without overwhelming your living room or bedroom.

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