Tension Curtain Rods

Discover a wide range of tension curtain rods for DIY home decor projects. Add new looks to your windows or conceal cabinet and other spaces creatively.

Tension curtain rods are one of the easiest ways to add a bit of color to your rooms. Simply slide them through a curtain or drape and place them in the desired window for instant privacy or a bit of relief from incoming sunlight.

Adjustable tension rods take a lot of the work out of finding the right fit for your windows. Simply measure the width of your inner window frame and choose from a variety of curtain rods that fit that measurement range. Once you buy a tension rod for one window, you can easily use it for another window of similar size later, making this a cost-effective choice if you like to change out window decor seasonally or plan on moving soon.

Adjustable tension rods let you quickly turn small nooks into private spaces or cover the contents of an open cabinet for a cleaner look in the kitchen, workroom or playroom. Buy a lightweight drape that fits the opening in question and use the tension rod to hang it in the door way.

Tension curtain rods do have one limitation: You need enough overhang on the window frame to place it. For windows without that lip, shop our selection of curtain rods and curtain hardware like tension curtain rods to find options that fit your space.

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