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Traverse curtain rods, which move along a track and eliminate the need for rings, are easy to operate and can be simple and sleek. In some homes and apartments today, there may be a soffit between the window wall and the rest of the ceiling, which is the perfect place to hide a simple traversing rod, so the curtains almost appear to float. The look is clean and minimalist. JCPenney offers a variety of décor styles of these rods, pick your style from bohemian to traditional to farmhouse décor. And if you want drapery that opens and closes, traverse drape rods are a desirable choice. With regular rods and rings, you will find yourself using your hands to open and close the curtains; it is awkward and causes more wear and tear on the fabric. Well, these rods with a cord allow you to open and close curtains to your heart’s content. They are perfect for your large home and office windows.

High-Quality Traverse Curtains that Match Your Needs

Traverse drapery rods are one of the best window treatment solutions, as they do not require many separate curtain panels and chopped-up rods. They can take a “busy” wall of windows and change it into a simple, sleek space. These rods cover all the windows with draperies and can also make quick work of extra-large windows. You can purchase customized length and diameter of these rods at JCPenney from your brands like Kenney and Rod Desyne. You can also install decorative traverse rods with eye-catching finials which will give your window a decent yet elegant look. Also, if you are layering sheers and another fabric or adding a valance rather than stacking two separate rods, a double traverse rod can do your work easily by hiding all the working parts and still gives you a layered look. Try them today and give your window a sleek look with minimal efforts.

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