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Who says you have to lose your childlike joy when you're an adult? Allow yourself to dream big as you embrace the Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry offered by JCPenney. You'll discover pure delight the second you try on any of our Disney princess jewelry that brings you back to a time when you immersed yourself in the wonder of magic. Whether you always envisioned yourself climbing the highest mountain or marrying a prince, there is no reason you can't wear some of this spectacular Disney Princess jewelry. Add to your collection of cocktail rings. You don't even have to wait for special occasions to wear them because you can look like a princess at any time.

When you peruse the collection of pendant necklaces and other fine jewelry in JCPenney's Enchanted Disney line and wonder which pieces to get, consider the Beauty and the Beast jewelry, Frozen jewelry, or the Cinderella jewelry. Select a pair of white diamonds set in rose gold earrings. Or choose a ring with blue topaz set in a sterling silver crown. It's all designed to let you be the princess you were destined to be. Your inner princess will love the selection of Enchanted Disney earrings, necklaces and pendants, and fine rings. JCPenney offers a variety of styles and shapes, including a diamond-encrusted apple, an anchor lined with gemstones, a rose accent Belle key, and many more. All of them are designed for the woman who hasn't lost sight of her dreams.

Enchanted Disney Fine Bridal & Gemstone Jewelry

Committing your life to the prince of your dreams makes you a princess. That's one good reason to select a Belle rose cup bridal set with a matching engagement ring and wedding band. Or choose a stunning diamond and sapphire Cinderella set. JCPenney has a vast array of Enchanted Disney engagement rings that are sure to set your heart aglow and make you feel even more like a beautiful princess. The Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry collection has a variety of metal types, including rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and sterling silver. You'll be delighted by the assortment of gemstones you can choose from, from rings and bracelets to necklaces and earrings. Do you like diamonds or garnet? We have both. How about amethyst, opal, or turquoise? The Disney Enchanted collection has pieces that feature all of those stones. So whatever your preference, you'll find something you love.