Shop Popular Kids' Watches at JCPenney

Kids love wearing watches, especially ones that have cool features and colorful, child-friendly designs. At JCPenney, we carry a fantastic selection of kids' watches for both boys and girls. Choose from a vast array of strap watches and quartz watches in different colors and styles to suit their unique personality and that they can wear with all of their favorite outfits. Your child will be proud to wear their new watch to school and show it off to all their friends.

When shopping for kids' watches for boys and girls, you'll also have to decide between an analog and a digital display. A digital display is simple to read and makes telling time quicker and easier for your child. Kids tend to find digital displays a little more exciting. Analog watches on the other hand, can help a child learn how to accurately tell time. Plus, the watch face often incorporates the design with the second, minute, and hour hands in a fun way.

Disney and Marvel Watches for Kids

The easiest way to choose a kids' watch you know they will love is to pick one featuring a favorite movie, TV show, or comic book character. Is your child a big Disney fan? Find watches displaying iconic characters like Mickey or a beloved Disney princess, or one of the characters from the Frozen movies. Pixar characters from movies like Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Cars are always a hit with kids as well. Or perhaps your child is more of a Marvel fan, in which case they will be delighted at a watch that shows one of the Avengers.

Kids' watches come with a plethora of different features that allow them to keep up with all of your child's favorite activities. A water-resistant watch is a great choice for long-term durability, as your child will be able to wear it everywhere from the swimming pool to out in the rain. A light-up watch will catch their attention while a customizable watch face will keep their attention for a long time to come. If your child is highly active and involved in sports, then a watch with a timer might be a good idea as well.