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Shop for cocktail rings and pendant necklaces styled with brilliant gemstones set in 14k white or yellow gold. Wear the whole rainbow of gemstones when you choose a stylish cocktail ring featuring a genuine sapphire, amethyst, or pearl in a stylish and original setting that will absolutely stand out. Le Vian rings are known for their beauty and style, and the selection of cocktail rings does not disappoint. Choose from cluster rings with multi-colored stones or select a ring with a feature stone. A Le Vian cocktail ring with an array of sparkling hues is a thing of beauty which is simply made to be seen. Find your Le Vian ring in the JCPenney selection of fine jewelry.

Nothing Sparkles Like Gold and Diamonds

The combination of diamonds and gold is a timeless fashion classic. Shop the JCPenney collection of Le Vian jewelry filled with diamonds of many colors set in 14k white, yellow, or rose gold. A diamond of any color is still a diamond. Look to Le Vian for artistic and beautifully set diamonds of white, blue, and black as well as chocolate or vanilla shades in unique settings that are always in style. White diamonds look stunning in a 14k white gold setting, and the effect is equally brilliant in classic yellow gold. Choose a Le Vian ring with a central diamond, or choose a 14k gold setting for rows or clusters of diamonds in different colors. Le Vian makes fine jewelry into finery you will love to wear. Fashionable statement pieces and Le Vian rings are sure to scatter the light and draw in the attention. Select a delicate ring or a chunky style to suit your taste. Whichever style you like best, you'll find it in the fine jewelry collection of Le Vian jewelry at JCPenney.