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Juniors' Hoodies for Every Occassion

JCPenney knows that hoodies are more than sweatshirts with hoods. They're a fashion statement that just happens to be cozy and super stylish. They're perfect tops to wear to school, going to the movies, and just chilling with friends. Some of them are casual, while others offer a more glamorous, chic look.

Hoodies for Stylish Comfort

It's a myth that you have to be miserable to be stylish. After all, with athleisure wear being all the rage, what can be more fashionable than cute hoodies for teens? The hoodies we offer come in a variety of colors, solids, prints, and fabrics. Most of them can be worn alone or use as a layering piece with other items in your wardrobe.

Choose a length that works for you. Do you want to wear it with jeans or dressy pants? You might prefer a hoodie with a waist-length or slightly longer hem. Are you planning to wear it over leggings or jeggings? Then you'll probably want a hoodie that is a little longer for ultimate cozy comfort. Add a pair of boots, and you'll have a look that is so today.

Update with a Hoodie

You don't have to toss last season's clothes. All you need to do is add a few stylish pieces, such as a graphic hoodie that speaks to your current sense of style. You can also transition from one season to the next by pulling on a nice hoodie and a cute pair of boots.

JCPenney offers a choice of layering pieces in classic zip-front hoodies or pullover hoodies as well as a variety of necklines. We even have some with lace-up notches or cutouts at the neckline. Our hoodies are so affordable you're not limited to just one style. Pick up a couple or more to add more versatility and round out your wardrobe.

Weather Taming Hoodies

Never again be at the mercy of fickle weather. Hoodies make the perfect layering piece when the thermostat can't seem to make up its mind. If the morning starts out cool, snuggle into a hoodie, and you're ready for whatever the day brings. As the temperature climbs, slip out of the hoodie and tie it around your waist for a fun, hip look. If you're still out and about after the sun goes down, you'll have the perfect wardrobe workhorse to keep you warm.

Hoodies for Working Out

The extreme comfort of hoodies makes them an essential element of any workout wardrobe. And not only are they comfy no matter what type of fitness you're into they look fabulous with everything from bike shorts and tank tops to yoga pants and T-shirts. Whether you're wearing a hoodie to warm up before you exercise or you need to stay warm during a run on a cold day, JCPenney has a great selection of styles just for you.

Comfort Meets Affordability

You shouldn't have to worry about the price of stylish comfort, which is why JCPenney offers great quality and value. All of our hoodies for juniors are designed with the budget-minded, fashion-conscious teenager in mind. Spend some time perusing the selection of hooded sweatshirts in our junior department, and you'll find several to suit your needs at a price you can afford.

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