Stay Cozy All Winter with Coats for Toddlers

Keeping your little ones warm during the chilly months of the year isn’t easy. Any any parent knows, young kids are constantly on the go. Toddlers need durable coats able to hold up against all their adventures and misadventures. Veteran parents known bulky coats, while durable, can restrict their child’s movement and make playtime a tantrum waiting to happen. JCPenney carries a large selection of coats for toddlers, making it easier for parents to find the perfect durable, warm coat that still allows their child to move freely.

Top Brands and Styles

Whether you’re raising a sweet little princess or a rambunctious ball of energy, you can find a coat that complements your little one’s style and activity level. Puffer jackets are especially popular with younger kids, keeping them extra warm when it’s cold out. JCPenney carries a wide selection of coats for toddlers from top kids’ apparel brands, including Xersion, Arizona, Columbia, Carter’s, and more. If your little one wants to show off their favorite character, take a look at the coats featuring characters from Disney, Marvel, and DC Comics.

The toddler coats at JCPenney also come in a wide assortment of colors and styles. If you’re shopping for dressy outerwear that your toddler can wear to church or another dressy event, check out the peacoats and dress coats for toddlers. Bold, bright shades of pink, blue, orange, and green also make your child easier to spot in a crowd of winter-dressed kids at the park or day care.

Building Snowmen and Other Activities

When you’re heading out to brave the winter, your toddler needs the right attire to stay warm and have fun. Playing in the snow is much more fun when you’re not shivering or feeling the cold water seep through your clothes. With a set of snow bibs and a heavy snow jacket, your toddler can play for hours without feeling too cold. These winter-ready outfits also make it easier to go sledding or skiing.

Lighter Layers

If you live an area with a more moderate climate, check out the lightweight layers available from JCPenney. You can shop for fleece zip-ups, hoodies, and light outerwear to keep your toddler warm in moderate temperatures. These pieces also work well for layering if you’re heading to an area with snow and ice during the winter months. Don’t forget to pick up some accessories for your toddler to wear with the new coat. A pair of gloves or mittens and a warm beanie will keep your little one warm.

No matter what type of coats for toddlers you’re shopping for, you can easily find great options at JCPenney. The pieces come from top brands and showcase durable materials that can withstand even the coldest winter day.