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Coats for Kids

When the weather turns cooler, you turn to kids' coats from JCPenney to keep them warm all season long. Shop for lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight coats for kids including puffer jackets and fleece jackets for boys and girls from little kids to big kids. Look for kids' coats from Arizona and other favorite brands. From cute fleece coats with adorable style details to heavyweight coats made to stand up to the elements, you'll find it at JCPenney.

Fleece Jackets

A lightweight fleece jacket with a full zip is great for cooler weather. Choose a midweight hooded style in extra soft pile for a warm and cozy jacket. Many fleece jackets in lightweight and midweight styles are also available in plus and husky sizes to fill all sorts of kids. Find fleece jackets in black, pink, blue, and other colors. Look for fuzzy and warm fleece styles by Arizona in the JCPenney selection of kids' coats.

Puffer Jackets

Look for lightweight and midweight puffer jackets with hooded styles for boys and girls in the JCPenney collection. Styled in sizes from toddler to big kids, puffer jackets are also available in plus and husky sizes so all kids can have a great coat. Find versatile puffer jackets with removable hoods that will suit any type of weather. Choose a solid color puffer jacket or look for one with fun prints or styling. You'll be sure to find a kids' puffer jacket to suit your needs in the JCPenney selection.

Heavyweight Jackets

When the weather turns extra cold, you need an extra tough jacket to take it on. Find heavyweight jackets for kids in the JCPenney collection of kids' coats. Look for heavyweight puffer jackets with fur lined hoods or choose a layered 3-in-one coat with water resistant properties. Heavyweight kids' coats are available in almost any color and can keep out almost any chill, so find one you love in the JCPenney kids' coats section.