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Girls' Costumes

Is there anything as fun as playing dress-up? Dress-up games are a great way for kids to use their imaginations and step in to the shoes of their favorite characters. JCPenney has a wonderful collection of girls' costumes sized from toddler to big kids so she can play as whomever she wants to be. Find animal and super hero themed costumes as well as Disney Princess and Descendants costumes so she can dress up as someone else every day.

Disney Princess Costumes

Ask almost any kid to identify their favorite Disney princess and you'll get a definite answer. Let her dress up as a princess with toddler and preschool sized Disney princess costumes from JCPenney. She can be Belle, Jasmine, Elsa, Tinkerbell, or Rapunzel every day! Choose a sparkling Disney princess costume she will love in sizes from infant to girls size 12, so girls of any age can dress up and be a princess for a day, every day.

Dress-up Shoes

The right shoes can make the outfit! Shop for dress up shoes from JCPenney to make any dress up outfit complete. Find preschool size glitter dress up shoes or costume boots to match a Disney princess dress. Choose a pair in blue to match a Cinderella dress, or purple for Rapunzel. The shoes really do make the outfit complete! You'll be sure to find a perfect pair of dress up shoes in the JCPenney selection of girls' costumes.

Disney Descendants Costumes

Unleash her inner power with Disney Descendants costumes for girls. Look for Uma, Evie, and more in the JCPenney collection of girls' costumes. Choose a girls' costume set with up to 4 pieces so she can jump, dream, and adventure her way through the play day. Encourage and ignite her imagination in Disney Descendants costumes from the JCPenney collection in sizes for toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids, too.

Dress-Up Accessories

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Put the finishing touches on any dress up costume with dress up accessories from JCPenney. Look for princess tiaras and hairpieces to finish off a princess costume. Turn any costume into a fairy outfit by adding a set of fairy wings. A costume set is even better with the jewelry and accessories to make the whole thing complete. Find everything she wants in a costume in the JCPenney collection of girls' costumes, shoes, and accessories. Poof! You're a princess!