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Promote Fun and Learning With Educational Toys

It's a proven fact that children learn better through play. Whether you're helping your little kids recognize colors or showing your preteen how robots work, there are plenty of educational toys that can teach and entertain at the same time. No matter what age group you're shopping for, you're sure to find exciting toys that everyone will love.

Fun for little kids

Young children love exploring and discovering the world around them. At this age, you can encourage a wealth of learning with the right toys. Consider puzzles that not only help children with problem-solving skills but also add other educational opportunities by incorporating colors, numbers, or letters into the toy. Soft blocks and play mats offer great ways to introduce your young children to their creative sides. You can also get make-believe sets that come with play food or dress up costumes to help children act out the everyday life they see around them.

Top Picks for School-Age Children

School-age children are ready to learn new things every day. Keep that curiosity going with educational toys that are appropriate for their age. Paleontology kits let children pretend they're real paleontologists while also teaching them about the fascinating history of dinosaurs. More sophisticated building blocks can let them create their own cities and allow their imaginations to soar. You can find science kits that are so entertaining, children won't even realize they're learning at the same time they're playing. There are also activity sets to help children practice life skills such as telling time, counting money, spelling, and more.

Entertaining Preteens

Although preteens act like they're only interested in their phones, a number of educational toys can still hold their interest. Pick up a robot kit for your kid to make his or her own moving and working robot. You can even find robots that run on solar or wind power, so your children can learn about renewable energy, too. If you have a preteen who's interested in science, consider getting him or her a microscope or telescope to continue the discovery process outside of school.

Toys for All Interests

No matter what type of interests your children have, you're sure to find educational toys that appeal to them. For the music-makers, consider child-size instruments that let them practice and create their own tunes. If outer space fascinates your children, you'll find night lights, projectors, and planet models that will offer hours of fun and learning. Even your budding artist will find educational toys that encourage creativity and improve fine motor skills.

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