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Air Mattresses Offer Extra Sleep Surfaces Wherever You Need Them

Whether you need a spare bed for houseguests or you want a comfortable sleeping surface for a camping trip, air mattresses are the ideal choice. These lightweight beds are easy to set up and can travel just about anywhere, so they can easily provide a comfortable bed in a pinch.

If you've never purchased an air mattress before, you might be surprised at just how versatile they are. Also known as air beds, air mattresses offer a welcome sleeping surface without the need to place them in a permanent location. While some people opt to use air mattresses year round, many others prefer to inflate them when houseguests visit or when heading out for a camping trip. Since these mattresses are incredibly light and pack down quickly, they couldn't be easier to move.

Enjoy Impressive Versatility

In addition to their ease of mobility and extensive versatility, air mattresses offer plenty of other benefits. One of the best perks of an air mattress is that it allows for a customized firmness level. You can easily make these sleeping surfaces firmer by adding more air or softer by releasing some of the pressure. This feature enables houseguests to achieve their desired level of firmness and also allows you to adjust for challenging surfaces underfoot at a campsite.

Like traditional memory foam or latex mattresses, air mattresses come in all shapes and sizes. Shop for a raised mattress for added height or a low-profile version for a more compact surface.

Find a Durable and Long-Lasting Model

Most air mattresses are also known for their longevity as well as their durability. Since most models are made from a combination of PVC and other long-lasting materials, their interior remains protected while the exterior stands up to years of wear.

Air mattresses are also designed for quick and easy assembly, so you can get to bed within minutes. Most models boast built-in pumps that can inflate the mattress in about five minutes. Adjust to your preferences, and you'll be ready for a restful night's sleep.

Choose the right air mattress for your needs, and you might find that your purchase qualifies for free delivery. Learn how to upgrade your JCPenney purchase, and get ready for a great night's sleep.

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