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Simplify Your Mattress Choice With a Mattress in a Box

Purchasing a new mattress is a big job that often requires an expensive delivery and tricky placement. If you're dreading the job of dragging a new mattress upstairs, or you don't want to pay for a professional setup to get your bed in the home, consider the convenience of our mattress in a box products.

How Mattress in a Box Works

Mattress in a box mattresses are the latest innovation for mattress packaging and delivery. These products are carefully rolled and vacuum wrapped, so they fit into a compact box that's far smaller than the finished, unwrapped product.

All you have to do to get your mattress back in shape is remove the packaging. It's easiest if you first take the wrapped mattress up to your bed frame. Simply set the rolled mattress in place, open the vacuum-sealed plastic packaging, and the mattress will unroll itself and expand to its original shape. It usually takes about an hour for the mattress to achieve its full form.

Choosing Your Mattress in a Box

At JCPenney, you'll find a wide selection of mattress in a box products that offer a convenient option for easy delivery and a quick setup. Memory foam and hybrid mattresses are the most common for mattress in a box packaging because they hold the most air. Despite the compact packaging, you'll find these mattresses available in several sizes, ranging from 6 to 14 inches in depth. Plush, firm, and pillow-top options are all available. Try a cooling latex mattress, a conforming memory foam mattress, and more.

In addition to standard mattresses, you can also purchase sleeper sofa mattresses in a box. These are slimmer and designed to fold up easily inside your couch when they're not in use. If your current sleeper sofa is feeling a bit saggy, you can give the entire piece new life by replacing the mattress inside with a soft new option.

Visit us in-store to try out some of your options and see which product is the best fit for your needs. Hop online to order your mattress in a box and you'll enjoy all the convenience of this popular approach to packaging. Explore your options for a compact mattress in a box today.

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