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Add Extra Sleeping Space with Rollaway Beds

As you're getting ready for the holidays, your next birthday party, or even just a family visit, you may find yourself running out of space for people to sleep. Sure, you could get a few blankets and have everyone camp out on the living room floor, but that's not the most comfortable and convenient option, in most cases. Instead, check out the variety of rollaway beds available at JCPenney.

Variety of Sizes and Styles

One of the best things about rollaway beds is that you can get them in several different sizes. This allows you to get a single for the kids or a twin for the adults sleeping on the beds. The variety of sizes also allows you to ensure that everyone is comfortable no matter where in the house they're sleeping.

In addition to the size, you need to choose the style of mattress you're interested in. The majority of these mattresses are memory foam, offering the best comfort available. You'll also get to choose between different mattress thicknesses. Deciding on the height of the bed is another important factor that can help improve the overall comfort of guests using these beds.

Comfort and Convenience

If you've ever had to sleep on the floor as a guest, you know this isn't a comfortable option. When you offer guests a rollaway bed or foldaway bed, you're offering them the comfort they're hoping for. Plus, you get the benefits of having a bed that folds up for easy storage. You never have to worry about your guest room being cluttered with beds. In fact, most of these rollaway beds fold up small enough to roll right into the closet. The ease and convenience helps you feel better about inviting guests for the night.

Great Sleep for Everyone

Rollaway beds are great for guests of all ages, shapes, and sizes. While they are a perfect option for kids, they also make a comfortable sleeping spot for adults. These beds can hold a variety of sizes, many of them holding up to 300 pounds. The beds also are standard mattress length, allowing guests of any height to be comfortable while they're sleeping.

No matter how often you have overnight guests, having a rollaway bed at your fingertips is the perfect way to make them feel comfortable and welcomed.

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