Flannel Shirts for Men Offer Undeniable Comfort

Flannel shirts for men have evolved beyond outdoor and casual wear. Decades ago men wouldn't dream of walking into the office with a flannel shirt on, but now many men have them as a part of their work attire. JCPenney has sharp men's flannel shirts that will look great at work, a football game, or a weekend out with the friends.

Black, red, green, brown, yellow and tan are some of the most common colors used for flannel shirt color combinations. While the classics are classic for a good reason, expand your fashion palate by exploring new and exciting color combinations. You’ll stand out in the crowd with an orange flannel shirt accented with blue, white, and yellow. Dress up a grey flannel shirt, featuring bold pink accents, with a dark pair of jeans and dress shoes. How about a printed flannel shirt adorned with the southwest inspired prints?

A lightweight and cozy Sherpa-lined flannel hoodie may be better than any jacket for a camping trip, especially if the weather turns cold and dreary. If the wind gets too strong pull the drawstring around the hood, and tie it tight to keep your head and ears warm.

Keep your rugged good looks but also stay comfortable in our soft cotton shirts. Many of our shirts are meant for men of all sizes, tall or short. The fine construction on our flannel woven shirts withstands the day-to-day work of even the toughest outdoorsman. JCPenney has the perfect flannel shirt that every guy wants in his closet, especially when temperatures begin to drop. Shop our men's department today and stock up on our cozy flannel shirts for men.