Haggar Suits

There's nothing quite like a well-dressed man, and you will look exceptionally well-dressed in a Haggar suit from JCPenney. Shop the collection for slim fit suits or for separate suit jackets or suit pants to pair with a dress shirt of any color. Find comfortable suits made from stretch fabric and sized to fit short, regular, or big & tall sizes. Every man should have a great-fitting Haggar suit from JCPenney.

Haggar Suit Jackets

Shop for a suit jacket or sport coat from Haggar to pair with jeans or suit pants. Choose from slim fit, classic fit, or tailored fit suit jackets made from 4-way stretch fabric to keep you looking great and able to move how you please. Look for suit jackets in solid black, blue, or shades of grey to suit your style and complete your look. You can be sure to find a great Haggar suit jacket in the JCPenney collection.

Haggar Suit Pants

A great pair of suit pants can make your style look perfect. Choose from suit pants and flat-front pants from Haggar in the JCPenney collection. Find Haggar suit pants in regular, short, tall, and big and tall styles to suit almost any man. Put yourself in a great looking Haggar suit in solid black, grey, or blue, or wear just a pair of suit pants with a dress shirt in a bold color for a striking and casual look. Create your style the way you want to with Haggar suit pants from JCPenney.

Slim Fit or Classic Fit

Choose a Haggar suit from JCPenney in a fit and style that suits you. Look for regular fit and classic fit suit jackets or choose a slim fit suit for a modern look. Haggar suits made from 4-way stretch fabric will fit great and stay comfortable no matter which style you choose. Look for solid color Haggar suits in regular or big & tall sizes. You'll be sure to find a fashionable Haggar suit in the JCPenney collection.

Stretch Fabric

Haggar suits made from stretch fabric are comfortable to wear all day. With suit pants and suit jackets that move with you, you can be sure to have all-day comfort no matter where you have to go. Keep up with anything your day throws at you and look good doing it in a Haggar suit from the JCPenney collection. Available in regular, short, and big and tall sizes, Haggar suits are made to fit all sorts of bodies. A well-dressed man never looks out of place.