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Jockey Underwear for Men

JCPenney makes sure you never have to sacrifice comfort when it comes to underwear. We offer a broad selection of Jockey underwear for men, so you can choose the type and style you need and want. As you peruse our selection of boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, T-shirts, and tanks, you'll discover the perfect ones that suit your lifestyle.

Boxers or Briefs?

Some men wear boxers, while others prefer briefs. Both groups of men have personal reasons for their choice, but at JCPenney, it really doesn't matter. We have both styles of men's underwear so you can have the perfect ones for you.

Has anyone asked whether you prefer boxers or briefs? You may pick one, or you can simply say, "Yes." That's because JCPenney also has boxer briefs that give you the best of both styles.

Tees and Tanks

Whether you're wearing your T-shirts or tanks as underwear or alone over a pair of shorts, Jockey has you covered in comfort. Our cotton undershirts are all designed to keep you comfy as they wick away moisture and provide a soft, smooth glide over your skin. Jockey cotton tees and tanks are easy to care for. Simply toss them into the washing machine, and they come out looking like new, without any pilling or fading.

Technology for Men's Underwear

If you want comfort in your underwear that never looks ratty, you'll be happy to know that Jockey has embraced the latest technology to give you just that. Jockey keeps your comfort in the forefront by using Stay-dry fabric that wicks moisture away from your body throughout your busy day. The Stay-New technology keeps your underwear looking new after many washings.

Features You'll Love

JCPenney carries a wide range of men's underwear from Jockey with a variety of features you're looking for. In addition to the moisture-wicking and Stay-new technology, Jockey underwear has antimicrobial, breathable, fly front, odor-resistant, stretch waistbands, and many more qualities you expect in your underwear. Take advantage of our bonus packs and multi-packs so you'll always have what you need.

Variety of Colors

Do you prefer white underwear or black? How about blue, red, green, or purple? You don't have to choose just one because JCPenney has a variety of colors of men's Jockey underwear in all sizes. We even have multicolor options.

Great Selection of Affordable Quality

JCPenney always brings quality items that you can afford. Our great selection of Jockey underwear for men means you don't have to go anywhere else to find exactly what you're looking for.