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You always think that women have tons of accessories, but men have plenty of options to add that extra bit of style to their look. Check out some simple ways to upgrade your style without blowing your budget. Men's hats are the perfect statement pieces that can grab attention anytime. From fedoras to ivy caps, you can up your style game and be the talk of the town. Remember to match your dress belt with your shoes for a formal occasion – and a reversible belt lets you have a brown and a black version to cover all options. Speaking of shoes, expand your horizons to include more variety than just work shoes and sneakers.

Last-Minute Additions that Add Up to Total Class

Express your personality by injecting a touch of unexpectedness to your outfit. Novelty socks make a statement and are great conversation starters. It's fun to give a glimpse into your lighthearted side with a pair of vibrant pattern socks. For a more noticeable way to lighten up your look, choose a tie and men's cufflinks that have tons of personality. Plaids, checks, florals, and prints can be stylish and playful at the same time. A bow tie is another great option for standing out with flair.

Men's wallets, sunglasses, and watches are easy accessories to toss on elevating your style. Stick with a durable leather wallet that is timeless and matches with everything. Sunglasses add that mysterious vibe that makes you feel cool in the blazing sun during the summer months. For the winter weather, add a designer men's scarf with your jacket, and protect your hands for the cold with our waterproof fleece men's gloves. Whatever men's accessories you need, JCPenney has it all.

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