Shop RFID Blocking Wallets for Men at JCPenney

Shopping for new wallets infused with technology? Look no more, JCPenney brings you RFID blocking wallets in the latest styles. If you're wondering what RFID is, it's an acronym standing for radio-frequency identification. This wallet can block scanners and will protect your debit and credit card from being read remotely. These anti-theft wallets are made to block people from being able to steal your card number.

RFID Protection Wallets: More Than Meets Eye

In addition to protection, the wide selection of RFID wallets at JCPenney has tasteful designs with modern looks. You'll find plenty of options featuring sleek front-pocket styles, while others look like traditional bi-fold or tri-fold wallets. Exude unmatched panache with a leather RFID wallet. They add a rugged appeal to any outfit and match any occasion. If you're looking for stylish wallet options and don't carry cash, then an RFID cardholder is just what you need. They can be used for the daily commute and don't come with the hassle of maintenance compared to a leather wallet. You'll also find wallets with various capacities and ways to hold your cards. Whether you carry a lot of cards, or just a few, JCPenney has plenty of options for you. Shop now and save more.

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