Carry a Stylish Shoulder Bag from JCPenney

There are times to carry a small, dainty clutch, and there are times (more often than not) to tote around a shoulder bag. A quality shoulder purse is substantial enough to hold everything you need (and many things you might need and just don’t know it). Shoulder bags do exactly what they say—hang comfortably on the shoulder by a strap or two for hands-free carrying. This leaves you able to keep up with your busy agenda. Many purses have adjustable straps to fit your height.

Stay Organized with a Shoulder Purse

Some purses have just wide open areas inside to throw everything in. That’s great if you’re just out and about on a quick trip. But, for everything to have its place and stay there, you’ll need a shoulder bag with ample pockets. Keep quick-needed items (like keys, sunglasses, phone) in the exterior pockets. Look for snaps or zippers to keep things more secure. Interior pockets are best for lipsticks, snacks, band aids, pens, hair brushes and more. Choose a crossbody bag for ultimate efficiency; simply sling it across your body in a diagonal fashion, and feel secure knowing your purse is close by.

Find the Colors and Brands You Want

We’ve discussed the convenience of a shoulder bag, but we know you also want it to be stylish. Luckily, JCPenney already stocks the purse brands you’ve come to trust for quality and style. Rosetti shoulder bags and Liz Claiborne shoulder bags are just two of the big names. Prefer to shop by color? Of course, there’s the usual suspects of brown, beige, and black, but you can brighten up your look with a blue, red, or yellow version.