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Women’s tights are a wardrobe staple, but finding the right pair always feels like a chore. They shouldn’t rip nor cut off circulation, the waistband shouldn’t be too thick or too thin. And most importantly, the tights shouldn’t sag every few minutes. Hence, you need a pair or two of tights that are good-looking, comfortable, and made to last. Find tights with the features you need and more online at JCPenney. Our assortment of women’s hosiery features products that have amazing snag resistance, stretch recovery, and bursting strength at the seams. That’s not all! These tights are easy to wash and keep clean, too, making them a great item for daily wear.

Hosiery Styles to Wear Under Everything

We carry pantyhose, thigh shapers, footless tights, and plenty of other women’s hosiery in different styles. There are opaque ones, sheet dot ones, and even ones with garters. You can wear them under skirts, dresses, tunic tops, and more. Some of the footless tights can be comfortably paired with T-shirts and crop tops too. Find them in a range of sizes from small to medium and maternity. We even have a one-size-fits-most range to ease your worries about finding the perfect match. Our collection features hosiery by top brands, including Hanes, Mixit, and Frye and Co. They are available in black, blue, brown, and many other colors. Explore the entire collection online today!

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