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Beautiful Beanies for Winter

Winter hat styles have come a long way, evolving into several different takes on the standard ear flap cap. The term "beanie" now applies to many styles, from snug fits to the intentionally loose appearance of an oversized beanie. Most people associate beanies with casual fashion or sports. It’s something people wear to a football game or on a leisurely stroll outside. We have some extremely stylish beanies that you can wear to work or out on the town, styled with anything from stripes to animal prints to sequins or sparkly gems. A winter hat can be a symbol of your personality!

Scarves are another great way to warm up your style when temperatures fall. Coats often leave your neck unprotected—cover up and keep frigid air at bay. There's something for everyone, from the thick, comfy feel of wool to the chic, trendy appearance of an infinity scarf. Looking to coordinate colors or patterns? Pair up your layers with a matching hat and scarf set. Get your matching and scarves from our handbags and accessories department today!

Winter Hats & Gloves to Stay Warm and Toasty

We have many types of winter hats for you to choose from. Berets are are always a lovely addition to any hat collection. Depending on how you style them, you can go from girlish to sultry siren with just a few tweaks to your outfit. A floppy hat has a strong connection with spring and summer, but they are winter friendly too! Buy a hat in wool because wool will help with insulation. Check to see if the hat is lined because wool can be rough on your hair and cause split ends. If it isn’t, it’s super easy to add a lining in yourself.

Winter hat? Check! Scarf? Double check! The only thing missing to complete the toasty trifecta are winter gloves that will make every other pair of hands jealous. Keep those fingers warm in the likes of snug mittens, fingerless gloves, flip gloves, or arm warmers. Need to use your smartphone, tablet or mobile device while you brave the elements? It’s touch screen gloves to the rescue!

'Tis the season to keep warm with exciting winter hates, gloves, and scarves at great prices!

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