Women’s Sunglasses Fit and Flatter

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses is not a super simple task. Yes, you can stand and try on sunglasses for a while, poking your face in front of a mirror to see how they look on you. Or, you can arm yourself with knowledge about what sunglasses will flatter your face type, so you can be better equipped to purchase a pair that’ll stay in place on your face and flatter as well.

First, determine your face shape. The most common ones are heart, round, square, and oval. Heart-shaped faces (narrow chin and broad brow) will look great in frames that help elongate your face. Try aviator, cat-eye and round frames. Round faces can benefit from sunglass frames that narrow your face and provide balance. The choices for these are square, retro rectangle or rectangular sunglasses. Square faces are perfect for curvier shades, such as aviator, cat-eye and round frames. Oval faces can wear practically any style, so choose away! And of course, these are only guidelines. Choose what makes you feel best, and you’ll look your best.

Protect Your Eyes with Style

One of the easiest accessories to add to your stylish ensemble is a pair of sunglasses. Having a pair or two of sunglasses is vital: they not only shield your eyes from the sun, they provide a certain mystique, too. Selecting polarized lenses can help filter light and allow the image you see to be crisper and clearer. Guard your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays with UV-protection sunglasses. Stylish brands like Liz Claiborne, Mixit and Worthington are offered at JCPenney to keep your eyes beautiful and healthy.

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