Hot Tools Curling Iron

If you're in the market for a hair tool or appliance, check out the Hot Tools curling irons. JCPenney offers them in a variety of sizes, so you can achieve the style you want. Take your hairstyle from just okay to "wow" with one of these professional quality Hot Tools curling irons.

Barrel Sizes

Choose a curling iron barrel size based on how tight you want your curls. The larger the barrel, the looser the curl will be. Select one of the Hot Tools 1-1/4-inch curling irons or a 1-1/2-inch Hot Tools curling iron if you want a luxuriously flowing, loose curl. However, if you prefer a tighter curl, choose one of the 5/8-inch curling irons. Or if you prefer something in between, you'll want a Hot Tools 1-inch curling iron.


Everyone has different curling iron needs, so JCPenney offers a variety of styles to choose from. Do you want a tapered barrel style that gives each curl a distinct look? Or do you prefer a curling iron that has a consistent width all the way down the barrel for a more uniform look? We have both and much more.

At JCPenney, you'll discover a variety of unique designs in Hot Tools curling irons. We have the CurlBar curling iron with extra features, such as a timer and ergonomic design. If you want spontaneous curls that look like you just stepped out of a fashion magazine, check out the bubble curling iron with a beadlike appearance that adds a soft variation in every curl.

Each style of curling iron has unique features to make styling your hair easier. Some of what you'll find are firm clamps to hold the hair in place, sturdy stands for security, convenient on-off switches, cool tips for easy handling, and extra long cords for ease of styling. Other features include automatic shut-off, ceramic technology, and swivel cords.

Professional Design and Durability

The Hot Tools brand brings professional quality hair products to your home. Although designed by professionals for professionals, all of our curling irons offered by JCPenney help to make hairstyling at home easier and better.

These curling irons are made with quality materials that promote even heat distribution for a frizz-free outcome. Many of them have 24k gold-plated barrels. This helps speed the circulation of heat that surrounds the barrel for a faster heat-up and recovery.

Quality You Can Afford

JCPenney offers these hair tools at a price that anyone can afford. In fact, while you're here, take a look at more than one style of curling iron so you can achieve different looks, depending on your mood on any given day.

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