Nail Polish in Every Color

From nail polish to remover, great nail care is all about having the right tools at your fingertips. With a nearly endless variety of colors, formulas and brands, our nail care collection makes it easy to feel like you can have a salon right in your home. Nails are like mood rings - the color you choose shows off how you're feeling. That's why JCPenney offers nearly every color under the sun, from pastel pink to cherry red to ultra black. Choose from name brands like Opi and Orly, then pick from a variety of finishes like high-shine gloss or matte. Make sure you have a few accents polishes, like white for a French manicure and glitter for half moons, too. Not sure what colors to choose? Opt for a color collection pack instead, which will let you choose from every shade that's in style this season. Don't forget to pick up nail polish extras like a top coat and base coat. They come in several different formulas, from fast-drying to nail-strengthening.

Essential Nail Supplies Fit For a Salon

No nail kit is complete without a few supplies. Nail polish remover is a must (don't forget the cotton balls!) as well as cuticle oil for the ultimate at-home manicure. Hand and foot lotion will keep your skin super soft to boot. JCPenney's nail care items are affordable, fun and easy to customize. With nail polish and nail care tools like these, well-groomed and colorful nails are always in reach, no matter how you like to show them off.