Make Your Lips Pop With Lipsticks and Lip Gloss From JCPenney

Whether you're a lipstick addict or you're stepping out of your makeup comfort zone for the first time, we've got you covered. With classic nudes and reds as well as bold colors that push your color palate, we've got plenty of looks for you to try out. Take the emphasis off your eyes and put it onto your lips through the use of bold colors, or create a light, flirty look with lip gloss.

Balance Your Look

Does your makeup routine include putting multiple shades of eyeshadow and heavy mascara to "bring out" your eyes? Try rebalancing your appearance by backing off the eyes and putting focus on the lips. The fluttery lash and heavy eye makeup does work to make your eyes pop, but you can get similar results when you reduce your eye makeup and bring your lips "up."

Use a little less eyeshadow, lighten up on the mascara, and reduce the amount of eyeliner you use. Instead of reaching for the eyeshadow that makes your eyes pop, pick out a lipstick color that complements your eyes. Pick peach and copper tones for blue eyes, pinks and magentas for green eyes, and heavily pigmented colors for darker eyes. These looks will save you time, and make your eyes pop just as much as your lips.

Lip gloss is a great option for lighter makeup, and can even create more ethereal looks. Many glosses are tinted, especially in light pinks or purples for a fun, flirty look. Some even come with metallic or holographic tints, perfect for interesting, high-fashion futuristic looks.

Take the Plunge and Wear Lipstick Only

You might be horrified at the idea of going barefaced with only lipstick between you and the world. But you're really turning your face into a canvas for a little trompe-l'oiel. Trompe-l'oiel is French for a subtle illusion. What you think is real, isn't. And when you put lipstick on your face, it creates the illusion that you've done your full makeup kit. This works best for people with dark hair and eyelashes, as it makes it look like they're wearing mascara. Someone who's fair is better off using lip gloss or a lighter shade of lipstick that complements their skin color. And if you like, you can cheat a little with some mascara to darken the eyelashes and give the eyes some definition.

Lipstick can be a fun pop of color or a classy time-saver. Lip gloss can bring out your flirty side. Both present many opportunities to take risks and have fun with your daily makeup routine. From affordable options to high-end runway-approved brands, we carry everything you need to perfect your look.