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Get Ready for winter with a Pair of Boat Shoes

Ahoy! Whether you’re sailing the seven seas or helplessly landlocked, there’s always a place in your closet for a sturdy pair of boat shoes. It’s a classic look that’s completely taken off as of late: the tie on top, laces on the side, and an unmistakable sewn pattern on the front—all in a quick slip-on style that’s easy as pie. Traditionalists will appreciate the simple yet classy approach of canvas or leather in an easy-to-match color like black, brown or navy blue. Not too keen on tradition? Take your style outside the box and run with boat shoes in neon colors or trendy patterns like zebra, floral or polka dot. But don’t stop there—outfit your footwear with sequins and catch sunlight from every angle. Regardless of personal fashion preferences, you’ll find top-notch quality for less with the cheap boat shoes for men, women and kids at JCPenney.

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