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Girls Dress Shoes for All Events

No matter the occasion, JCPenney has a selection of girls dress shoes in a variety of styles, colors, and brands. Whether there's a birthday bash, after-school party event, or a special family gathering on the social calendar, shoes are the starting point in creating a memorable outfit. When dress shoes are appropriate attire or the event is casual and a nice pair of low-key slip-on shoes will do just fine, take a look at what JCPenney has to offer to create a well thought out and put-together outfit.

Wide Selection of Types, Styles, and Colors

Girls want their outfits to be up to date, trendy, and looking good; that starts at the floor line with the right pair of shoes. The selection at JCPenney is varied and fits most wardrobe selections. Choose from several types that include styles such as the wedge heel, boot style, slip-on, open-toed, low heel, ballet flats, and Mary Janes.

Whether it's providing easy access when putting on the shoes ensuring that they fit properly and stay securely on the girl's feet or selecting a casual look, girls dress shoes have options. For ease in putting on shoes, select a strapless style. With a strapless style, girls just slip their foot into the shoe and their feet are ready for walking. For added security to keep shoes in place so they don't slide off, some styles feature a single or double strap with a buckle that fits across the top of the foot holding the shoes firmly on the feet.

Whatever the outfit, there is a pair of sleek, chic, and casual shoes that will match, blend, highlight, and accentuate it to the fullest with a rainbow of colors. Choose from colors that include flat or shiny black, red hues, pure white, and soft tan and brown. Materials used to create a pair of girls dress shoes are also diverse and include choices such as polyurethane, thermoplastic-rubber soles, rubber soles, polyester, metal, plastic, and synthetic linings.

Dress shoes can be chic, smart, and stylish or have a dash of decorative creativity that makes them stand out from the crowd. Girls will show off their style and fashion sense when selecting shoes to fit the outfit and the occasion. Whether she decides a decorative adjustable buckle or attached bow or flower will look great or wants a splash of sass and sizzle with faux gems and glitter to enhance an outfit, her fashion savvy will shine through. Wherever she chooses to go, she'll "trip the light fantastic" wearing her new pair of dress shoes.

Finding the perfect pair of girls dress shoes for a variety of occasions just got easier with a visit to the shoe center at JCPenney.

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