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Women’s Converse

Women's Converse are versatile and iconic. When you put on a pair of Chucks, people immediately recognize and comment on your footwear. Women love to wear Converse because they're attractive and comfortable. Converse come in a variety of colors and styles, so having several pairs in your wardrobe for different outfits and occasions makes perfect sense. Shop women's Converse at JCPenney to stock up on all the colors and fits you need to complement your every look.

Pair Your Converse with Almost Anything in Your Wardrobe

Go for the traditional high-top, which you can find at JCPenney in unisex sizing. High-tops give your ankles a little extra support and hide your socks beautifully. You can wear high-tops with a sun dress, with your favorite shorts, or with a great pair of jeans. They might not be dressy enough for work, but they're perfect for an active date night that includes walking, bowling, or casual dancing.

Converse sneakers that end just below your ankle are another comfortable option that look great with most casual outfits. You can wear Converse sneakers in any color you wish with a casual black dress, long or short. Try pairing them with a jean skirt, or wear them with cotton tights for an early fall look that will help keep your legs warm.

Get Pops of Color and Double Tongues for Even More Fun

Another cute Converse option is the double tongue shoe. These low-tops have two tongues, one to keep the shoe and the laces in place, and one to fold down. This gives them an extra casual look and a pop of color. The folded tongue displays a fun color like red or sea foam that complements the neutral rest of the shoe. Match this double tongue look with a scarf or some jewelry.

Discover the pink, blue, green, black, white, and multicolor Converse of your dreams at JCPenney online. Order yourself a pair, then get another version in a different color to add some fun to your wardrobe. Converse fit very uniformly, so once you've figured out your size, you can keep ordering and ordering, knowing that all these fabulous sneakers will fit you perfectly. They also make fantastic gifts!

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