Feet First

Taking the initial step to getting fit sometimes involves lacing up shoes and going for a walk. Or a run. Or taking a workout class. Or lifting weights in the comfort of your own home. The common theme though is that you’ll need some shoes to provide adequate support. JCPenney has thoughtfully compiled a selection of athletic shoes for everyone—men, women and kids. No matter what style of shoes you need: running shoes, training shoes, sneakers or basketball shoes, you can find a pair that fits you and your budget.

Style & Form

Finding the right shoes for you involves many aspects. Depending on how much activity you’ll be doing, you may want to prize shock absorption high on the list of features. Is walking more your pace? Look for shoes with memory foam or cushioned soles. And, lightweight versions are always a good bet. If outdoor sports are more your style, check out shoes with odor resistance, moisture wicking and stain or water-resistance so they could outlast your toughest workouts.

Brands To Trust

From needing gym shoes to tennis shoes to skate shoes, you want to be assured that the choice you make is ready to stand, walk, run or jump with you. Put your feet in well-known brands like Nike, adidas, Puma and New Balance. Vans reigns supreme in skate shoes. Girls love Skechers for their easy-on style and bright colors and shiny details. Find quality brands for athletic footwear at JCPenney.