Shop Toddler Boy Sandals at JCPenney

If you have an active toddler boy at home, you know that when the weather warms up, it's hard to keep them indoors. With a selection of toddler boy sandals from JCPenney in your shoe closet, you'll be happy to let them play all day out in the sun. These shoes are designed with busy little boys in mind using durable synthetic materials and long-lasting rubber soles. Their cushioned interiors add comfort to every step while toddlers play, learn, and grow.

Toddler-sized boys sandals come in two main styles: slide sandals and strap sandals. These shoes are available from top brands like Nike in black, white, blue, and multicolored options. Other brands offer sandals printed with cartoon characters that toddler boys love. With their adorable, kid-friendly designs, these sandals make a great gift that parents are sure to appreciate. Shop the toddler sandal sale selection for great deals on kids shoes, and you'll be able to add a matching outfit or kids beach toys to your gift too.

Toddler Slide Sandals and Strap Sandals

When selecting the perfect pair of sandals for your toddler boy, the first thing to do is settle on a style. One option is slide sandals, which are simple sandals that consist of a rubber sole and a large fixed strap just above the toes. These shoes are backless, open-toed, lightweight, and flexible. One of the main benefits of toddler slides is how easy they are to put on: you just slide the toddler's foot into the shoe, with no buttons, straps, or laces to worry about. However, they're best reserved for days with only light walking or beach days as the backless design means they may slip off during rigorous activities.

Strap sandals for toddlers feature one to two velcro straps that can be loosened or tightened to fit your child's feet. While they take a little extra time to put them on, these sandals are more secure and suitable for all sorts of outdoor summer activities. They're perfect for the playground, playing sports, or backyard fun.