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Find Nike Baby and Toddler Shoes for Your Tykes

Both Nike baby shoes and Nike toddler shoes are popular among parents, not only because tiny sneakers are adorable, but also because they're comfortable, durable, and affordable. Busy babies and toddlers need footwear that can keep up with them, all while ensuring their little toes are safe and their small ankles are fully supported. Take a look at the best shoes that both brands have to offer, and begin baby's shoe collection by picking out your favorite sneakers, slip-ons, and tennis shoes.

Nikes for Tykes

Most Nike baby shoes are sneakers, which isn't surprising — that's what Nike is known for, after all. Even babies need sneakers. Uncover slip-ons for tiny tots who need lightweight, comfy shoes that still allow them to kick, stretch, and curl their toes. For older toddlers, shop for shoes that have easy-to-fasten Velcro. All kids need to learn how to put on and remove their own shoes, which is a delightful milestone that helps them feel a bit more independent from mom and dad. As the kids grow, transition to lace-up sneakers.

Nike for All Kids

Shopping for Nike toddler shoes? Think about what your toddler does all day as you pick out the perfect footwear. Does she or he need Velcro fasteners, or does your tot have a habit of pulling off her or his shoes at the first chance? Consider lace-ups for older kids who are on their way to independence. Show your child a trick to tie the laces, whether you rely on bunny ears or something else.

Beyond Sneakers

Discover a variety of slip-on shoes and sandals from both Nike and Nike, as well. Give your baby's teensy feet plenty of room to breathe and grow. Take a look at sturdy but supportive sandals that are ideal for little kids, the playground, and baby's first vacation. Stick to bright colors when buying shoes, too. Whenever possible, let your kid pick out her or his favorite colors, even if you have to choose the style and brand.

Babies and toddlers grow so fast you'll find yourself buying new shoes seemingly every day. Why not stick to affordable, reputable brands? Find Nike baby shoes and Nike toddler shoes for tots of any age at JCPenney.