Find Athletic Shoes for Juniors at JCPenney

Finding good athletic shoes for juniors isn’t hard when you’re shopping at JCPenney. With hundreds of styles, colors and sizes, you can find athletic shoes for juniors whether they need a good cross-trainer, simple slip-ons or supportive running shoes. With brands like Adidas, Asics, Nike, Puma and Reebok, you needn’t sacrifice style for substance.

But beyond the brand, having a purpose for an athletic shoe will help you choose the right one. For running shoes, you’ll want to assess how you or the person you’re shopping for runs and if they have high arches. Because you’re looking for not only a good fit, but also proper support, learning if the runner rolls off the inside of their foot or the outer edge of their foot will help you purchase the right shoe with the right type of support throughout their stride.

A Guide to Purchasing Athletic and Running Shoes for Juniors

Like running shoes for juniors, other athletic shoes need to be purchased with the user in mind in order to achieve a great fit and for them to get good use out of the shoe. If you’re looking for a good cross-trainer, a shoe that can handle the bulk of your athletic lifestyle, you’ll want to find a shoe that is designed for multi-directional movement with stable, comfortable support that’ll soften the foot-to-surface blow.

While it’s not as important as perhaps the perfect fit, style points rank high on the list of must-haves. The wearer of the shoes might as well like the way the shoe looks and feels. From classic “white tennis” looks to more modern colors and selections, choose from the top brands that blend performance with styles that catch looks, no matter how fast your feet are moving. Find the right fit at the right price at our shoes department.

Casual but Cool Juniors' Sneakers

There is nothing better than throwing on your favorite pair of sneakers and heading out the door. That doesn't mean, however, that you don't want to look good in the process. We have all the right sneakers for that effortless throw-on-and-go look. Whether it's your favorite pair of Chuck's or the slip-on sneakers you wear to run errands, the right pair of sneakers can make your outfit and your day a little better.

Juniors' Sneakers for Work and for Play

Unfortunately, we don't buy all our shoes for play. For those who wear sneakers for work, we've got your covered there. If you work as a server on your feet, you will want a black pair of sneakers to blend into your uniform but keep you comfortable. For medical staff, you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort with the right pair of white sneakers. And if you want to start jogging or playing tennis with friends, you can find the right pair of sneakers to give you style and power for your next sporting event. Head to JCPenney today to shop for the perfect pair of juniors' sneakers today.

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