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Add To Your Wardrobe With Juniors Flat and Juniors Loafers

If you want to add versatile shoes to your wardrobe, shop our collection of flats and loafers. Our wide variety and selection will help you find a few pairs that you can throw on for a casual look, or pair perfectly with skinny jeans and a cute top for a dressy, but relaxed feel. Our versatile collection will help keep your feet comfortable while looking good.

Dress Up Your Closet With A New Pair Of Flats

Women used to think that they had to wear heels to look dressy. Now with the changing trends, women are jumping on the flats bandwagon, and their outfits look better than ever. Finally, designers realized that women don't have to clunk around in high heels all day to look professional at work. Try a pair of black dress pants with leather flats and a polka dot blouse for an understated business casual look. If you have a more relaxed office, consider some tan flats with some bling to pair with your khaki dress pants and cardigan.

Perfect for Most Seasons

Although many people are excited for sandal season when winter hits, it's also a time to break out your sneakers, loafers, and flats. Our selection of juniors loafers is great to throw on when you're traveling and don't want to worry about your feet getting cold in the car or on the airplane. They are also great when you're outside at a festival and don't want to end up with dirty toes.

A comfortable pair of floral sneakers with jean shorts and a solid tank top is the perfect outfit for an evening concert. You don't have to worry about your toes getting stepped on, but you still look your best. Fall is the perfect time for flats and sneakers before the weather starts getting chilly.

For fall, try out a pair of lace up ballet flats with a floral dress and cardigan to adjust to changing temperatures and still look stylish. If you have a fall wedding outdoors, try a pair of gold ballet flats instead of heels to manage walking in the grass. Head to JCPenney today to find the perfect juniors flats and juniors loafers to add your closet.

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