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For the fitness junkies out there, JCPenney brings you the latest collection of Fila men's shoes that are performance-driven. From functional training to lifting weights, your body moves differently based on your activity. To reach optimal performance, you need shoes that match your moves. If you hit the court regularly for a game of basketball, pick a pair of basketball shoes from Fila. It comes with cushioned sole and is lightweight. In addition, the lace-up design ensures optimum fit and support. On the other hand, with Fila running shoes, you have stability and versatility. The mesh upper adds to breathability and comes with adequate cushioning for comfort.

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Reach out for walking shoes if you spend most of your time outdoors. These shoes feature rubber shoes and are lightweight making them perfect for hiking or trekking adventures. Check out the men's sneaker collection for your laid-back endeavors. They come in various colors to create numerous fashion possibilities. For a day by the pool, pick Fila sandals. Just slid in and relax. Whatever you need, JCPenney has the right kind of shoes just for you. Shop now and save more with JCPenney. Free shipping available online.

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