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When it comes to workout shoes, there's a style for every activity. It all starts with the perfect pair of men's athletic shoes from JCPenney. Hiking, biking, lifting weights, or any other form of physical activity all require their specific style of shoes. Choose the right shoe to complement your choice of physical activity and to provide you great support and extra cushioning for extra comfort. Our shoes aren't just available in traditional sizes either. It's important to choose a pair with the right width, whether that's narrow, medium, or extra wide. Here, you'll also find basketball shoes with great ankle support for days spent running up and down the court, as well as walking shoes to keep you going. Choose from comfortable options and keep your feet safe and well supported at affordable prices.

High on Style and Comfort

Training shoes make the perfect pick if you are looking for something to break a sweat in style. Whether you're lifting weights, running on the treadmill for cardio, or just hitting the squat rack, these shoes will help you push your limits. Choose running shoes for those long cardio sessions and stay healthy and active. Alternatively, look for sneakers for something athletic yet stylish. Sneakers have a way of providing extra comfort and long-lasting durability since they're often made with vulcanized rubber soles for high pedestrian traffic. Get in your steps in style with the range of walking shoes at JCPenney and ensure you are always comfortably fashion forward. Shop now and save more.

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