Men's Comfort Shoes for Suits and Ties

Nothing is worse than wearing a pair of stiff and uncomfortable dress shoes to work. Dressy comfort shoes may sound like an oxymoron, but there are options at JCPenney that are available specifically to make you look good while providing just the right level of comfort for your feet. Clarks is a brand known for their beautiful leather Oxford shoes. These shoes look great with a sharp suit, dress shirt, and tie, making you stand out at work.

More comfort dress shoes come from Nunn Bush. Look sharp in black leather lace-up shoes or in a pair of penny loafers, or choose brown shoes for a look that is still sleek and classic. If you want something more casual, consider a pair of leather walking shoes. These still look great with a pair of slacks and dress shirt, but they are made to be worn all day.

Casual Men's Comfort Shoes

If you need a pair of shoes to wear at the end of the day and on weekends, there are many options outside of dress shoes. A pair of flip-flops might be just the comfort you're looking for. They're perfect for a day at the beach or just relaxing next to the pool.

If you want something that has more coverage, choose a pair of slip-on shoes. Find options that include memory foam insoles and leather uppers, making for a comfortable shoe no matter where you're headed. Lace-up sneakers are a great casual shoe that is comfortable all day and protects your feet as well.

Work Boots and Shoes

If your job requires you to have protective boots, you can find men's comfort shoes for this purpose as well. Consider lace-up ankle boots that are made to keep your feet safe. Some include gel-infused memory foam insoles in addition to the sturdy leather upper that can protect your feet on a construction site. Hiking boot options are also available for those who work outdoors or who love hiking on the weekends.

When you go to JCPenney, you're sure to find men's comfort shoes for whatever purpose you need them for. From dress shoes to casual shoes to work boots, you'll find options here that you can wear throughout the day without your feet hurting.

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