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JCPenney offers a great selection of men’s work shoes. As you peruse our selection, you'll see a variety of work boots, oxford shoes, and other options that ensure ease of wearing and comfort to help you focus on your work. You'll be delighted to see that we carry quite a few of your favorite brands, including Fila, Dockers, Skechers, and many more. Select a pair of our slip-on work shoes when you need to get ready in a hurry. If you need a flexible yet secure fit, pick up a pair of men's lace-up work shoes. Check out all the different features of the shoes we offer like slip resistance, electrical safety, memory foam, and much more. If you work in a slippery area, you'll love our slip-resistant shoes for men. Everyone requires a different shoe width, and that’s why we showcase medium to extra wide shoes. You can have the perfect fit when you shop JCPenney.

All Day Comfort

We have every style of boot you can imagine whether you’re looking for standard work boots or hiking boots. We also have a whole host of features you'll appreciate in our men's boots. Do you need waterproof boots? We have them. If you're around oil and other slick substances, you'll want to pick up a pair of oil-resistant boots. At the end of the day, you'll appreciate boots that feature shock absorption. Other features to look for include breathable materials, cushioned insoles, removable sock liners, and much more. Grab a pair of memory foam walking shoes for premium comfort throughout the day. While you're shopping for men's work shoes, go ahead and check out our wide selection of socks that will keep your feet warm, comfy, and dry all day. Shop at JCPenney and save more!

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